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SonoOne terapeutiskt ultraljud från Zimmer

Terapeutiskt ultraljud – god prestanda till lågt pris!

SonoOne – modernt terapeutiskt ultraljud, liten och smidig, vikt endast 1kg, men fylld med den senast kunskapen och teknologin. Den ergonomiskt utformade handenheten har en kristall på 5kvcm och erbjuder både 1 & 3 MHz, max intensiteten är på hel 3w/kvcm . SonoOne kommer med en funktionell färg-touchscreen display, här väljer man enkelt frekvens, pulsation, behandlingstid och intensitet.


  • SonoOne

    Ultrasound therapy

    For many decades, ultrasound therapy has been successfully established as treatment for chronic and degenerative diseases of the musculoskelettal and support system.

Hand-held ultrasound therapy

SonoOne – always there
Ergonomic and high-performance. The small, compact system is ideal for mobile use.

Efficient treatment
1 and 3 MHz, unpulsed and pulsed emission of ultrasound offers every possibility for modern, effective ultrasound therapy.

Intuitive, clearly arranged and quick to operate. The colour touch operation makes treatment an enjoyable experience.

Practical extensions and accessories

move_frontMove Cart

  • smoothly movable
  • modern design


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Technical data


  • 1 and 3 MHz

Ultrasound types

  • Continuous ultrasound
  • Pulsed ultrasound, adjustable pulse frequencies
    10 Hz, 20 Hz, 50 Hz, 100 Hz
    Duty ratio: 1:1, 1:2, 1:5, 1:10

Transducer surface
5 cm2, AER = 3 cm2

Max. 3 W/cm2

Intensity levels
0.1 W/cm² to 3 W/cm² in intervals of 0.1 W/cm²

Number of ultrasound transducer connections

Dimensions (LxWxH) / Weight
23,8 cm x 13,8 cm x 9,5 cm  / 1 kg

Intended use and indications may not be valid for the USA.

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