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Soleo SonoStim – kombiutrustning – ultraljud & ström från Zimmer

Kombinationsutrustning – ultraljud&ström

Soleo SonoStim är en avancerad elektroterapiutrustning med både ström och ultraljud som kan användas var för sig eller i just kombination. SonoStim från Zimmer kännetecknas av kompakta mått, god ergonomi samt hög prestanda. Indikationer och arbetsområden med SonoStim räknas till: Behandla smärta, muskel rehab, öka lokal cirkulation och bidra till förbättrad vävnads regeneration.


  • Soleo SonoStim

    Ultrasound, electrotherapy & combined therapy – all in one device

    A subtle combination of high-tech and over 45 years experience, Soleo SonoStim meets all the demands of modern physiotherapy: Compact. Ergonomic. High-performance.

Intelligent design – sets new standards

Expertise for any medical problem
Clearly presented, recommended treatments for various therapies available at all times.

Tailored to your practice

  • The programme‘s customised start settings save you precious treatment time.
  • Change pre-set programmes and save them to fit your patients.
  • Your custom settings are saved to an SD card.

The comprehensive design of the new Soleoline generation combines aesthetics with functionality, ergonomics and durability.

Simply beautiful.
A sleek case and an attractive, capacitive glass touchscreen ensure that Soleo Sono, Soleo Galva und Soleo SonoStim really stand out in your practice.

Beautifully simple.
The user interface of the new Soleoline generation has been redesigned to be clear and self-explanatory. It’s even fun to use with every application.


Soleo SonoStim does everything that Soleo Sono and Soleo Galva do, and it also allows you to combine ultrasound therapy with electrotherapy. With its innovative technology, more than 300 indications, this mobile and high-tech device has a huge range of applications.

  • Pain Therapy
  • Muscle Rehabilitation
  • Metabolic Increase
  • Encouraging of circulation

Multifarious possibilities of combination with 2 channels enlarge the range of application.

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