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CoolSpa – kallbad för en person

COOLSPA – individuellt kallbad

Effektiva kallbad ger snabbare återhämtning och hjälper att minska trötthet, förbättra prestation och minska risken för skador.
CET CryoSpas är en effektiv  lösning jämfört med isbad.

  • Kallbad i mindre pool (CWI = cold water inversion)
  • Bad för en person
  • Anpassat pooldjup för bästa kyleffekt
  • Luft/kylaggregat för stabil och effektiv vattenkylning
  • Manuellt reglerbart vattenmassage munstyckena så att den kan riktas där man bäst behöver mest effekt.
  • Hög saltvatten koncentration med magnesium för extra effektiv muskulär återhämtnings effekt.



Ice bath hydrotherapy reduces fatigue and consequently reduces injury. FIFA Football Injury Summit, Wembley 2013.
Cold Water Immersion has been proven to aid fatigue recovery1 post match in order to boost physical performance, to aid symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and help prevent sports injuries2.

If ice baths are beneficial, imagine an ice bath to aid your players in their training and recovery, which was more effective, more convenient and less costly to run than a standard ice bath. And helped your players
recover faster post-match
feel better during the next training session
perform better at the next match

More energy. Improved performance.

Less fatigue. Fewer injuries.

What impact would a CryoSpa ice bath have for your team?
More wins, More points, More Revenue.
Looking for a product where your players could enjoy the same training and recovery strategies as AC Milan, Manchester City FC, Team GB-London 2012, German Olympic Sports Confederation and much more?
Choose a CryoSpa ice bath, which is more effective, more convenient and less costly to run than conventional ice baths.


Forskning: ​​​​​​​Soccer

The FIFA Science of Football Summit, Wembley Stadium April 2013
”How to prevent fatigue in football” session
Gregory Dupont of Université de Lille gave a very interesting presentation, which highlighted the strong correlation between fatigue and injury.

He reported an injury rate that was 6.2 times higher in players who played two matches per week, compared to those who only played one.

He, also, presented the findings of a review into post-match recovery strategies, which indicated the four major strategies proven to have a positive effect on fatigue and recovery are good sleep, proper nutrition, hydration and Cold Water Immersion.

Vill du läsa mer av denna studie och annan relevant forskning kontakta mig. så ska jag skicka dig mer material.
​​​​​​​Stefan Ahnén

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