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Contrology reformer från Balanced Body

Contrology Reformer – en nyskapad klassiker – helt enligt originalet!

Balanced Body har inte sparat på några resurser för att ta fram denna helt klassiska reformern



Our Faithful Reproduction of Joe’s Original Reformer

We partnered with Jay Grimes to re-create all of the subtle functionality critical to the classical Pilates approach, and build the best version of the original Reformers in Pilates studios circa 1970.

The JGRIMES Contrology Reformer—in the words of Jay Grimes—is “everything you need and NOT all that other stuff you don’t.” It is in stock, and ships with no customization… just the way Jay likes it.

If you want a different color, or padded footbar, take a look at the 80C, 86C, or 89C Contrology Apparatus.


  • Choice of 4 models: 80” (203cm) JGRIMES, 80” (203cm) custom, 86” (218cm) custom, 89” (226cm) custom
  • Ultra strong and durable extruded aluminum frame
  • One piece weld-free side rails are more stable for better ride, and cleaner looking (no crevices to trap dirt)
  • Thin, dense, resilient foam on carriage for maximum “feel”
  • Weld-free cast aluminum shoulder supports with greater structural integrity and smooth radiused corners
  • Lower angle footbar position provides increased feedback while exercising
  • Deeper Springbar hooks provide proper spring angle
  • Custom headrest block maintains position (specially requested by Jay!)
  • Contoured padded shoulder blocks for better fit
  • Unpadded area around shoulder blocks creates space for feet to feel carriage base
  • Specially developed Reformer Springs provide the authentic “muddy” feel and unique sound reminiscent of Joe’s original Reformers
  • Pre-stretched and treated natural leather straps with O-rings and strap mounts for small adjustments in strap length


  • 2 leather and wood handles
  • 36”/92cm Maple pole
  • 1 gear block
  • 2 cushioning kneeling pads
  • Upholstered Sitting Box
  • 2 black cotton, footstraps
  • 2 black cotton, extender straps
  • Choice of Upholstery Colors (JGRIMES: black only)
  • Integrated Jumpboard brackets (86” and 89” Reformers only)
  • 2 carriage blocks (86” and 89” Reformers only)


Compare Model Dimensions

Reformer Reformer Length Frame Width Frame Height Reformer
JGRIMES Contrology 80” 81”/206cm 27”/69cm 14”/36cm 114lbs/51.7kg
Contrology 80” 81”/206cm 27”/69cm 14”/36cm 114lbs/51.7kg
Contrology 86” 87”/221cm 27”/69cm 14”/36cm 117lbs/53kg
Contrology 89” 90”/229cm 27”/69cm 14”/36cm 118.5lbs/53.8kg

*JGRIMES Reformer offers no customization or accessory options.


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