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34280 Balanced Body Allegro 2 – Reformer

42 585,00 kr inkl moms
34 068,00 kr exkl moms

Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer är i mångas ögon en fantastiskt väldesignad reformer, med moderna former och materialval. Allegro 2 reformer är något alldeles extra, en reformer utöver det vanliga, kanske till och med ett statement om man så vill. Så vill du ha något alldeles extra så är det Allegro 2 du ska välja!



You talked, we listened.

The Allegro 2 Reformer is all about creating the best Pilates experience. Smooth transitions and seamless flow. Easy adjustments and maximized comfort. Engineered and built for the rigors of commercial fitness. The result is an enhanced, effective session for clients, club members, rehabilitation patients and for you — the Pilates professional.

The Allegro 2 also grows with your Pilates program. Start beautifully basic, then add a tower and accessories, all without requiring additional space. If space is limited, your Allegro 2 rolls, stacks and stores on end. Perfect for home use too.

Note: Allegro 2 Reformer Leg and Wheel Kits are options. The Allegro 2 Leg Kit increases Reformer height off the ground, while the Allegro 2 Wheel Kit makes it portable. You may add both to your order before checkout.

What’s so special?

For starters, the EasySet™ Footbar and SoftTouch™ Rope System will change the way you teach Pilates. The new universe of exercise possibilities will delight you, along with smooth-as-silk transitions, even while lying on the carriage. And it still rolls, stacks and stores on end.

Quite simply, the Allegro 2 is the most intuitive, adjustable, easy-to-use Reformer on the market. Perfect for professional and home use. And did we mention it’s incredibly beautiful?

All equipment includes access to the free videos section on our streaming video platform. Paid monthly and annual subscriptions also available to access all available content.

Limited 10-year warranty on frame & footbar.

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